Monday, April 17, 2006

David Cronenberg Supports Tideland

It seems that the Canadian release for Terry Gilliam's Tideland is only going to cover three big cities - Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. That's three big cities more than any distributor is offering in the USA, however.

The Canadian poster will bear a simple quote from David Cronenberg. It won't be enough to make much difference to the box office, I'm sure, but it was nice of him anyway.

It says, simply, "A poetic horror film".

The Canadian release is happening on August 4th. Revolver are releasing the film in the UK on June 2nd, if all goes to plan. Why not join me in wishing at least a month of our lives away, then spending most of the opening weekend dragging all and sundry to the cinema.

While we're waiting, the press notes might make a good read.

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