Monday, April 17, 2006

The Enemy Within

Here is The Enemy Within, the latest short film written, directed and edited by me.

It stars Julie K. C Myers and Bryan Jalovec.

Please bear in mind that this online version does not represent the film with anything like the best image or sound quality, but, hopefully, you will still enjoy it nonetheless.

Share your thoughts in the comments section.

You can also see my films John vs Laura and Aphrodisiac Casserole on this site.


Anonymous said...

If the embedded player doesn't work, or if you'd like to see the film in a larger format, you can go to:

Anonymous said...

I suppose guys will think it's hilarious. They always seem proud of anything that comes out of their bodies. Is this what your thinking is really like when confronted with any challenge?

Brendon said...

I know the film might seem, at first, to be purely scatological, but the intent was, I promise, somewhat more politically motivated.

Speaking as the writer and director of the film, I'm no more likely to imagine a running commentary on my bathroom time than I am to vegetate before the TV with carcinogenic snack food. This is by no means an autobiographical film.

Once you take all of the lead character's actions as representative of the same character then I'm sure this doesn't seem so juvenile any more.

I promise you, my intentions with this film were not to be cheap.