Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Son of Rambo(w) Filming Underway

I've just received a comment on an earlier post about Son of Rambow/Son of Rambo that tells me:

They're filming in Berkhamsted today (1 Aug 2006). The Rex Cinema is the location, surrounded by film, lighting, sound etc. vans all sporting "Son of Rambo - location car" signs.if you know the location, there are extras sitting on the steps to the Gatesby and the sign has been replaced by a typical 80's 'piano-wire' cinema front advertising "Son of Rambo 18".

Anybody with a camera in the area? What I wouldn't give for a day on set of this one.

I'm very happy to know that shooting is underway - it started yesterday, according to the official Hammer and Tongs website, so presumably, then, I can expect the film to hit cinemas about this time next year?


Anonymous said...

currently filming in ashlyns school in berkhamsted - my son is an extra

Shannon said...

Hi i was an extra in the film at Ashyns skl and it was so fun!!

Anonymous said...

My daughter, danielle Neville, was an extra for this film. She loved every minute of it!!