Tuesday, August 01, 2006

UK DVD Of Brick Batters Comparatively Slight R1

The specs have been revealed for the UK R2 DVD of Brick, and frankly, it's an awesome little line-up. I want me one.

There are two discs, the first containing the film and a commentary track. On the second you'll get a 32 minute interview with director Rian Johnson, 11 minutes on the making of the soundtrack, 5 minutes on the London press junket, 90 seconds of stopryboards and 2-and-a-half minutes on costume design. That's all UK exclusive.

The 22 minutes of deleted scenes and some business about Nora Zehetner and Noah Segen's casting from the R1 disc's features are also included.

The Brick DVD is out on the 18th September.

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