Monday, November 06, 2006

Strange Technical Issues Blighting This Blog

film ick is sick. It seems that the Blogger database is going a little wild-and-kerrazy at the moment, and many of my posts aren't appearing on either the front page here or in my own 'Edit Posts' list. Is anybody else in the blogosphere having this kind of trouble?

While I try to contact planet Google to get things sorted, you can use the links below to access some of the recent film ick stories you may not know about. Every one's a winner.

Tideland R1 DVD Announced did what is says on the tin.

Wicked Fast Follow Up: French DVD For Tideland Announced did what it said on its tin almost immediately afterwards.

Six Magicians dissed The Prestige and revealed the missing link between Peep Show, Derren Brown and some naff 1980s gameshows.

Malice In Sunderland lamented Mischa Barton's upcoming movie.

Wanted - Dead Or Alive? discussed the changes facing Mark Millar's comic book Wanted on it's way to the silver screen.

UK DVD For Tideland Looks Like A Dream Come True was very exciting.

Singer's Diary referred to Brian Singer and his... er... diary.

Second Run DVDs in November told all about what to expect from the UK DVD label in the next few weeks.

Blog And Blogger included a picture of Pamela Anderson and Denise Richards while filming Blonde and Blonder... yawn.

Is This Film Going To Be Funny? Is That Even Possible? included a picture of Adam Sandler and Kevin James on the set of I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, and contained some good Jurassic Park 3 trivia.

Diamonds, Blackbirds And Strawberries shared my excitement for Julie Taymor's big-screen Beatles musical, Across The Universe.

More Animation Invading Live Action TV follows up an earlier story with a link to Cartoon Brew.

Abu Ghraib: The Movie
refers to Errol Morris' next documentary.

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