Monday, November 20, 2006

Tarantino Acting Again - This Time For Takashi Miike

I read from Screendaily that Takashi Miike has started shooting on his first ever English language film, Sukiyaki Western: Django. Of course, it is a Western and I'd bet it's a Django Western at that, be it a remake or a sequel.

And Quentin Tarantino is acting in this one - in which capacity, I don't know, but with Death Proof still needing quite a lot of post work before it's release at Easter time
, I don't expect that he has a starring role.

Thank heavens.

Popping the film's title into Google gave, at time of writing, a long, long list of pages in Japanese text, so I haven't been able to do much research into it, I'm afraid. I did however find a page of what seems to be production art.

This collaboration must be very exciting for many of you reading this, so how about a cherry on top of this sweet, sweet cake? How about Miike directing a fake trailer for Grind House? Thought you'd like that.

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[EDIT: In fact, there's already more - including a picture of the cast in costume - in a newer post]


wolfwood said...

Imprint doesn't count as a movie?

Brendon said...

Well, Imprint is only an hour or so long and it was made for TV... so, no, I decided it didn't.

MadPowerBomber said...

It was actually made for DVD, as I believe Anchor Bay did most of the upfronting for the money for the series of films; Showtime came in much later and decided to air the episodes. Miike's episode wasn't aired at all, either.

Brendon said...

Fair points, MadPowerBomber but it was aired, in the UK here at least - and the TV money was in place LONG before Miike shot a frame, so the made-for-tv-then-dvd status was ensured.