Sunday, November 12, 2006

Work In Progress Version Of New Spider-Man 3 Trailer: From When It Still Had Venom In It

Below you can see the work-in-progress version of the new Spider-Man 3 trailer, from when it was longer, with some different shots, some incomplete effects, more stuntwork and - crucially - a look at Venom.

Quite incredible, isn't it? If you're interested in this trailer (who isn't?) and want to know just what's going on in full, spoilery-detail, then take the time to read film ick's very exhaustive breakdown of the excerpted scenes - including info on who lives, who dies and the film's final battle.

[EDIT: I know You Tube keep removing the trailer... but there is hope. I actually have an mpeg of the full thing and will be finding a home online for it soon. As soon as I do, I'll post the link in a new story.]


Mark said...

02:51 is the money shot, isn't it? Great work.

I always thought the whole Venom concept was unbelieveably lame, and even I think that is cool as f##k. Raimi's first instinct is always as a horror director, even when making a comic book movie.

Anonymous said...

Hi! The video doesn't work...
Very interesting article!!!Thanks!

Anonymous said...

dude, any idea where this came from?