Monday, December 04, 2006

L'il Jack Sparrow

Apparently young Dominic Scott Kay has been cast as the younger Jack Sparrow in the third Pirates film (reported by iesb amongst others). Will there be a Pirate Kids sequence - like the Zorro Kids action in last year's Legend of Zorro? Dear lord, I can see it now.

Of course there's a risk, suggested by the casting of this youngster, that we won't now get to see Johnny Depp and Keith Richards share the screen - about the only genuine promise in the film, if you ask me. We know Richards is playing Sparrow senior - but will it only be in a flashback, alongside L'il Jack?

Actually, I don't know if we have much to worry about - I expect Daddy Keith will be set up in flashbacks and then encountered 'on the other side' by the dead, adult Jack.
We'll soon see.

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