Monday, January 22, 2007

Donkey Kong Champs From Reality To Fantasy

Variety sez: Picturehouse and New Line have snapped up the rights to King of Kong, a Slamdance-premiered documentary about rival videogamers duelling at Nintendo's Donkey Kong. A truly classic game, see. No way that Donkey Kong Country was going to generate such heated competition and ardent fanship.

Interestingly, New Line are also fast-tracking a fictional remake of the documentary and the same director, Seth Gordon, will be handling that film also. The documentary's producers approached New Line with the explicit desire to get a remake off of the ground - perhaps Gordon is like myself: happy to make documentary films but really at home with fiction. Good luck to him.

Apparently, New Line's Richard Brener is obsessed with the original and has already seen in 20 times. Is that a recommendation?

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