Monday, January 22, 2007

Robbie Williams Going Homeless And Drunk

In 1975, Nick Charles was found on the streets of London apparently dead from consuming huge amounts of industrial strength alcohol. The body bag was being prepared as he showed tiny signs of life, small movements, and luckily, he was resuscitated and transferred to hospital. Since then, he's been seeking to help other alcoholics by setting up helplines, drop-in centres and, since 1989, the Chaucer Clinic.

Now it looks like his story - both the earlier drifting wino bits as well as the later Reggie Perrin bits - is to form the basis of the film Through A Glass Brightly, adapted from Charles' book of the same name.

Reportedly, the front runner to play Nick Charles is Robbie Williams. It was inevitable, I suppose that he end up starring in a movie; similarly inevitable that it be about a 'larger than life' character; and likely that it would happen now because, frankly, Rudebox can't have done his career or reputation many favours.

I like Williams really, though I can hate him too sometimes (sounds like I'm in love, I suppose) but while I'm curious to see him in a film, I'm not convinced he'll be much of an actor. Fingers crossed for him.

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