Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Not In My Mouth He Isn't: Gervais Update

Following the Ghost Town news here yesterday, The Hollywood Reporter have followed through with more details.

Greg Kinnear will star alongside Ricky Gervais. David Koepp is to direct and cowrote the script with John Kamps. The lead character - presumably Gervais - is a dentist who "dies briefly during routine surgery and gains the ability to see dead people who ask him for help in contacting the living".

Ghost meets The Frighteners meets The Sixth Sense. But different.

No mention of Harry Knowles anyplace in the article, but then, this doesn't sound like the same Ghost Town after all. This one was only pitched in March 2005... at which point Koepp and Kamps earned a cool $2 million for their 'trouble'.

How many films called Ghost Town have been developed over the years? If you beleive imdb, which I don't, the answer is 'too many'. Hopefully one will be a hit so the title goes off the shelf for a bit.

[EDIT: Harry's zombie western is still moving ahead. Indeed, he's having meetings on it today]

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