Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Amanda Huggenkiss Gets Gory

A big mash of collaborating sponsors and producers are behind When Evil Calls, the 'first made-for-mobile horror series'.

Amongst those backers are O2, one telephone company I will never sign up to again, and Zone Horror, a UK Horror channel that shows a bizarre mix of the bad, the worse and the unexpectedly genius.

When Evil Calls really is a curate's egg. The premise is standard high-schoolers in peril from a clown stuff (with a Buffy-style careful what you wish for moral) but the cast is incredible - literally. Such a strange mix, I'm not sure I believe it: Dominique Pinon, Chris Barrie, Jennifer Lim (blowtorch-face from Hostel), Lois Winstone and Victoria Aitken.

In the UK, downloads are primed and ready to roll from O2, Orange and T-Mobile (ooh, them too - I'll never use them again either) ; in the US, it's amp'd mobile or nothing (so far). You should also be able to get the goods direct from the official site.

A feature 'companion piece' starring Sean Pertwee is expected on DVD in the Autumn. It looks to be a clip-show style affair, with a framework cobbled together to hold the phonisodes in place.

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