Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Star Wars Toy News: Sit Up!

I know people like toy news. It comes along here every now and then, and it gets linked far and wide and the hits for that story far outweigh anything I might choose to post about even a slight bit less obviously adolescent.

That said and done, I think these look gorgeous. They're R2-D2 and C3-PO as originally conceived by Ralph McQuarrie, Star Wars concept artist and production designer. The painting in which they appeared like so is a very popular one - yes, with Star Wars geeks but also with the (wider? probably not) geek community just generally into film design.

McQuarrie did some incredible work for the film, and seeing one of his classic images rendered in posable plastic is quite fun.

Disclosure notice: I was playing Lego Star Wars II for a bit yesterday.

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Mark said...

All valid points, but this also represents something of a nadir for how Lucas milks this franchise. "You've bought the action figure for every single character that's been onscreen for even a split second in all six movies, and on frame in all the spin-off cartoons and comics, and now... buy the figures based on the pre-viz!" Where does it stop?