Monday, April 16, 2007

Tired Of Being Sexy

[EDIT: Sometime film ick contributor Sledge has being mucking around with Alcohol, and now, he wants you to joing him]

Cansei de Ser Sexy or
CSS, are a Brazilian electro-rock band from São Paulo and I like them a lot. For their new single, Alcohol, they have asked online members of QOOB to come up with a music video for them.

The band have been filmed in front of a green screen, which allows you wannabee Gondrys to replace the background with whatever you wish. You can download the green tinged clips here

My effort is uploaded now and I think it's the best of the bunch and guaranteed to win the 2000 Euro prize. Have a look and please leave comments.

If you wish to give it a go you better hurry. The closing date has been extended to the 20th April. Once you've made it you will need to join QOOB. I emailed them for some help regarding this - arent I nice?

1 comment:

André said...

they suck a lot man.
i'm brazilian and i'm fucking tired of them.