Monday, May 28, 2007

Nintendo Running Live Ads At A Cinema Near You

If you live in the UK, you might get to see some nifty advertising for the Nintendo Wii at your local cinema this weekend. Eurogamer have the scoop:

Five pairs of actors will be appearing at nine cinemas across the country to demonstrate Wii Sports.

An advert will play on screen as usual, with one actor - playing a teenager called Steve - sitting amongst the audience. The second actor, in the role of his mother Elsa, will enter the auditorium looking for her son.

The advert will then be paused and the house lights will come up as Elsa calls out for Steve. She will challenge him to a Wii tennis rematch in front of the audience. They will play the game live on the big screen.

The campaign apparently kicked off a couple of days back, but next weekend, you can catch the 'experience' at Picturehouse cinemas in Edinburgh, York, Southampton and Brighton.

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