Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The film ick Fight Back

Another experiment for you.

I'm seeting up a very simple, stripped down Blogger-powered blog called The film ick Fightback. You'll see that it's absolutely empty at the moment but, potentially, it could become film ick's ever present shadow.

If you want an account to post to it, let me know and I'll set it up for you. All you'll need is a Google or Gmail account. And if you want to design the blog, or make any changes to the format, I can probably give you that access too.

The idea is, a good handful of people will get accounts and use the the blog to post their responses to stories featured on the film ick main page. No matter what you have to say, you can say it there and know that many film ick readers will see it.

What's more, I'll include links to good Fightback pieces in Minesweepers.

There's only one rule: you must use film ick stories as your starting points and you must include a link to the original film ick story in your piece. Other than that, it's a blank slate. It's your soapbox.

I want to create some debate, some conversation, and bring together the film ick readership into something a little more community shaped.

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Anonymous said...

This is exactly what film ick needs to encourage membership. Allowing members to have a forum is a perfect way to keep them here, participating.