Monday, August 06, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Mad About Phone Charger Edition

John from Cincinatti, Snowyville, Tim Curry, Jim Belushi, Raging Bull, New York filming regulations, I'm Not There, Hugh Jackman, Wolverine, Highlander and Stir of Echoes sequels going direct to TV, Machete, Bratz, Mia Farrow, Looney Tunes, Woody Allen, Midnight in Barcelona.

John from Cincinatti is not likely to return for a second season.

- Michael Attardi's animated short Once Upon a Christmas Village is being expanded into the feature length Snowyville. Tim Curry and Jim Belushi are amongst the voice cast.

- Jeffrey Wells draws attention to just one of the many silly mistakes made by Martin Scorsese and Thelma Schoonmaker in the construction of Raging Bull.

- New York City's Mayor's Office of Film has not followed through with it's proposed new set of limitations. Which is a good thing.

- Here are two I'm Not There pieces I should have reported a long time ago but, obviously, my brain doesn't get enough oxygen. Firstly, the film's theme is to be provided by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, stars of the truly beloved film Once. Secondly, some stills from the film appeared at... dang. I can't find them anymore. If you;re the one who sent me the link, please send it again. How silly do I look now?

- Judging from Hugh Jackman's comments, the Wolverine script I read and despised will be the basis for the Gavin Hood film. Boo! Hiss! Make some noise, people. Post about this on messageboards, forums and talkbacks. We might get a rewrite yet.

- Both Highlander: The Source and Stir of Echoes 2: The Homecoming have bypassed their previously assumed straight-to-DVD s
tatus to appear first of all on the Sci-Fi Channel. That's hardly an inspiring turn of events.

- Danny Trejo thinks a Machete film is still a possibility. The thing is, the Weinsteins don't necessarily agree...

- Bratz has been quite a flop. Ha! Serves them right! Of course... it will make a mint on DVD... but I'll laugh it up for the next few weeks. Sean McNamara. Tsssk.

- Mia Farrow has offered herself in exchange for the release of Suleiman Jamous, the Humanitarian Co-ordinator of the Sudan Liberation Army.

- A standard for digital projection could be on the cards. For the US at least - and if so, I dare say much of the rest of the world will follow.

- The full contents for the fifth Looney Tunes Golden Collection have been published and, as ever, the set sounds like heaven on four shiny discs. There's one whole DVD of Bob Clampett, a heap of Friz Freleng and selection of very early cartoons. Superb.

- Woody Allen's Midnight in Barcelona shoot is becoming less and less popular.

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Anonymous said...

Re: "I'm Not There" stills...

I'm not sure if these are the stills you mean but there are four showcased at:

They depict: Jude (Cate Blanchett) in Felliniesque B&W, Todd Haynes directing a scene, the Town Of Riddle "Bandstand Funeral," and Billy (Richard Gere) on horseback.

Hope this helps.