Sunday, August 26, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Original Shaking Stevens Edition

- Susan Sarandon's done with Speed Racer and will start shooting The Lovely Bones 'around Christmas'. Squeezed inbetween, ironically enough, will be Middle of Nowhere.

- According to Steve Niles
, he has been approached by a director interested in adapting Criminal Macabre. The only clue to the director's identity is that he was attending Comic-Con this year, promoting a movie. I'll place my chips on Zack Snyder.

- If any sponsors want to buy me the complete Seinfeld DVD box set then I'll keep their ad on the page for a month.

- I wonder if Chud's angry piece about JLA will get picked up as genuine news anywhere?

- In other Niles news, from the same original piece, he's apparently planning to direct a film himself, likely an adaptation of Remains, his Vegas zombie action adventure.

- Ryan Reynolds would really like to play Deadpool in a film. And, of course, he's not about to turn down The Flash either.

- Cinematical have some slightly-off spoilers taken from The Phillyist regarding The Happening. There's a couple of little bits of misinterpretation and some missing info. I could spoil the whole thing inside out if you'd want me to but I don't think you do.

- Paul Haggis has revealed that Carice van Houten will not be in the next Bond film. Shame.

- Fraggle Rockin' is a three-disc set of tunes from the much loved Henson show, due this October.

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