Thursday, October 04, 2007

Sony Bunnies Take Manhattan

One day ahead of the official launch, CreativityOnline are streaming the new Sony bravia blockbuster ad, Play Doh. Only the final shot approaches the potential inherent in the pitch, and some of the earlier bunnyful shots are just plain bad. I'm not even going to talk about the awkward cuts between the pre-bunny shots.

Tomorrow is the day the ad goes live on Sony sites so I should be able to get a nice Quicktime direct download link from one of them. I'll stick it right here.

[EDIT: I've only found one fairly decent encode for download so far]


[wat] said...

it's already on

filmickLova said...

I think it looks great, (let's be honest here - it's an advert, made to make you buy their new tv sets - it's not saving the world!).

Hats off to the team of people who must have spent effing AGES doing it! :)