Monday, July 03, 2006

Spider-Sense Tingling

There are an increasing number of Spider-Man 3 spoilers on this site. An almost ridiculous amount, in fact (click around for joy). But I think, maybe, it is best if some things are kept under wraps.

Mainly just the things I can't substantiate, mind. I just don't really want to end up with egg on my face.

Chud have run a story that, I think, suggests one mother of a spoiler. They're telling the world that, basically, Uncle Ben was killed by Flint Marko, the Sandman, and not the carjacker crook we saw in the first film. Are they correct?

Do you really want to know? Sigh.

Of course, there's still a little room for argument about what this revelation might actually mean, so let me clear things up just a tad.

This scene is directly linked not only to the Spider-Man origin, but also that of Sandman. Both Peter and Flint reach turning points in their lives as a result of this moment. Obviously in very different respects, but the scene is dovetailed into the overall structure in a few neat ways, not just the most straightforward one.

And secondly, note that this represents the drawing together of first and third films in the series. There's actually a lot more of that going on than you might expect. You can quite safely say that Spider-Man 3 is very much the last in a trilogy, that it can be seen, if you want to, as bringing a certain, rather coherent chapter of the story to a pretty neat conclusion.

And, yes, "nothing in Peter's life will ever be the same again."


Chx said...

Oh Brendan...Why must you post this stuff? I need to read it, but I don't want to. Like a Car Crash, I cannot look away. Spiderman spoilers lure me into their dark embrace. Don't kill me by posting too much!!! Allthough I envy anyone who gets to know this stuff first hand...Being on the set of Spiderman 3 must be just like heaven.

Donnelly said...

If Sandman killed Ben Parker, why is the original thief drining away in Ben's car ?

Brendon said...

As I understand it - and let's face facts, maybe I just don't understand it - the answer is in the first Spider-Man film.

Chip Chief said...

i dont like this idea at all. it rings too much of the joker in batman 89. also, what if peter had stopped the theif? would sandman still have struck?

Anonymous said...

Okay. I Like this idea, but I'm gonna go and watch that scene in Spider-Man over. Anyways, James Cameron's Spider-Man script, as I've heard, had Sandman ans Electro in it; I haven't read the script but if it played out like this, it would've been cool (I'm glad that GG was in it though and Raimi directed). Also, the fact that Eddie was mentioned in the first film was awesome. I think it went something like Peter brought in the pictures of himself as Spider-Man and Jameson "hated" them and then the African American man said that they've had Eddie working on it all month. Somehting like thst, and it ties the first and third films together too... cool stuff.

Anonymous said...

brendon---does Venom websling? That's all I need to know =)

Sampson said...

Well in the comic books and the old PS1 games, he could websling. It's a pretty safe assumption to make from my point of view. Also, I know it's unlikely but if there WAS to be a fourth bad guy, maybe it would be Chameleon? Since those pictures of Uncle Ben.. who knows, maybe it's not uncle ben and he might be using it to trick Peter or something? But Mysterio can use that technology too can't he?

Anyway, I'm currently ripping my brains out trying to see how it's possible for Flint to be linked with Uncle Bens death... It all seems pretty dramatic and complicated, I love complicated things! XD