Sunday, November 26, 2006


Here is an image of Skorponok (he's a
Transformers movie Transformer, apparently) that I have put up here for safekeeping. It comes from Aint it Cool but they're very good at leaking this stuff just for a few minutes then pulling it down - either because the studio is on their backs or because they're pretending that the studio is on their backs just to make the pulled items seem more exciting and it's all just a big conspiracy...

Click on it to make it bigger.

[EDIT: So, while you're here to look at a Transformer, why not also check out some other stories - the confirmation of Hostel 3, loads and loads of Spider-Man 3 spoilers, the identity of the 13th member of Danny Ocean's gang, a big scoop on the second film in the His Dark Material series, the first image from Frank Miller's work on film of The Spirit... and much, much more. Hope this little lot keeps you busy]

[EDIT AGAIN: An official version of the still has now been released, so here it is below, for contrast-and-compare reasons. Which do you prefer?]


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that I came to this site for 6 months before I find out that you were just another Knowles loser buttboy.

Shame on you Brendon. Trinity College would never admit you, huh?

Brendon said...

Knowles buttboy? Huh? You've lost me...

Do you not agree with my theory that the series of there-and-then-gone 'exclusives' on Aint it Cool over the last few months - most of them Transformers (yawn) or Spider-Man 3 related - look suspiciously like engineered stunts, designed to be viral?

I mean, if it creates hits and brings people in to read about Tideland, say, or Ricky Jar or Michel Gondry or Frank Sidebottom or whoever... then it's good enough for a couple of inches.

Shame on me? What for, exactly?

Anonymous said...

for reprinting something from Aint IT Shit when they reprinted it illegally
how's that?
I just thought you were cooler is all

Brendon said...

Illegally? Yeah, just about. Perhaps.

People want to see this image - for some reason. I really don't know why, but they do.

If this simple jpeg is going to bring people in, then it is a good thing.

Furthermore, once it has vanished from Aint it Cool, I will be providing some sort of service, however humble, by holding it.

I try not to be proud here. I cover films that interest me more than films that do not - and while I think Transformers is bound to be truly, utterly, ridiculously awful, I'm not going to shut it out entirely.

I don't mind not being cool. I don't evn know what cool means, really.

Anonymous said...

Now Don Murphy is going to go apeshit over this. Bravo Sierra Transformers Movie...

saywhat said...

Hey, I was late to the party so I am just glad to see the image.

And how can it not be cool to stand up against Paramounts minions?

Snikt said...

Actually, Scorponok or however you spell the loser's name is actually a mid to late 80's toy, not a movie creation.

Brendon said...

Sorry - it does read like I was claiming he was a movie-only bot, didn't it? I just wanted to make it clear that this is from the film, and that, apparently he's in it.

Skorponok is a loser? That's fighting talk. True, but still fighting talk.

Don Murphy said...

so following your logic

AICN broke the law
AICN was told to remove the jpg
YOU put it back up
Therefore YOU are doing a service?
The first poster has it right- you're a wank of the first order.

If you can't get attention to your admittedly good blog any other way than breaking the law, how pathetic are you?

I found you back when you thought Alan Moore could possibly win a debate about his actions. Why not find readers who want to be here because you are a talented blogger?

I am sad for you.

Brendon said...


I sort of agree with you actually. I shouldn't do stuff like this, you're right.

Am I breaking the law? I didn't actually realise I was. I thought these references to illegality were somewhat overstated - that AICN and I were just being naughty, not illegal. I'm going to look into this.

Anyway, I'm gonna keep blogging - legally - about better films and kick this nonsense about toy robots. Stay tuned.

Thanks for your compliments.

Anonymous said...

hmm to think I spent 15 minutes scrolling past the anti Murphy crap in talk back to find the image. Thanks to our friendly neighbourhood blogger for posting the image (And yup I agree with you on the whole post the pic and pull routine we've been seeing for the last little while)

as for the picture... meh...I've got airsoft buddies better equiped then the three stooges in that picture and well it LOOKS like a photoshop I understand it's not finished and all... but the thing that makes it look fake are the people and not the Bot. Oi!