Tuesday, April 03, 2007

In A Heart Shaped Box

Poor Joe Hill, everybody wants to name his father when they discuss him. So I won't. I'm not really a fan of his dad's books... though they have been turned into some great films over the years. DePalma, Kubrick and Rob Reiner - twice - have all done sterling jobs in hadling Joe's dad's stuff, Romero and Darabont made pretty good second-tier efforts too.

Now the signs are looking great for the first adaptation of a book from junior, as Neil Jordan has signed a deal to direct and script. It's a ghost story about a rockstar who buys a haunted suiton e-bay. The title suggests a certain rock star, but I've not read the book, so I honestly don't know.

I have read about the ghost's tendency towards possession however: he takes control of a car radio, a ouija board and - brilliantly - the electric voicebox of a laryngectomy patient. Spooky.

There are plenty of excerpts on Hill's website, but I think I'll check out the local library's copy instead.

No news if Jordan will tackle this before A Killing on Carnival Row for sure, but I'd expect this to come later as the script appears to be further from being ready.

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